Drinks at Dana's - An L Word Podcast

Episode 7 - Light

September 19, 2021 Ash Silver, Chris & Jess (TLWO) Season 1 Episode 7
Drinks at Dana's - An L Word Podcast
Episode 7 - Light
Show Notes

Welcome to Drinks at Dana’s! This week we are reviewing episode seven 'Light'!
In this episode, Dana's is throwing a charity poker night & all our favourites are there! There are some great scenes with Carrie this episode, including a very meta Rosie scene! Things really go wild towards the end with lots of new couples making their move - Bette & Pippa, Dani & Gigi, Shane & Tess - and also some old couples - Alice & Nat - fall back into familiar patterns! Enjoy!
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See you next week for the hotly anticipated episode eighth of season two, 'Launch Party' where Alice launches her new book!