Drinks at Dana's - An L Word Podcast

Episode 6 - Love Shack

September 11, 2021 Ash Silver, Chris & Jess (TLWO) Season 1 Episode 6
Drinks at Dana's - An L Word Podcast
Episode 6 - Love Shack
Show Notes

Welcome to Drinks at Dana’s! This week we are reviewing episode six, 'Love Shack'!
In this episode, everyone comes together for an explosive karaoke night at Dana's! Some relationships crash and burn (RIP GiBette) & new relationships rise from their queer ashes, Sophie confesses her feelings in a very public way for Finley, Alice tells Tom how she really feels, Shane has a heart felt conversation with Tess and Gigi lets Dani know her feelings have changed. The highlight of the episode has to be our OG trio singing 'Love Shack'!
Don't forget to visit our Instagram (@drinksatdanas) every week to get our weekly L Word themed cocktail recipe. This week we show you how to make the 'Walk of Shane' - WARNING, it's one STRONG drink, but aren't all our drinks!

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See you next week for the hotly anticipated episode seven of season two, 'Light' with Rosie O'Donnell's Carrie appearing sans Tina!