Drinks at Dana's - An L Word Podcast

Episode 4 - Lake House

August 29, 2021 Ash Silver, Chris & Jess (TLWO) Season 1 Episode 4
Drinks at Dana's - An L Word Podcast
Episode 4 - Lake House
Show Notes

Welcome to Drinks at Dana’s! This week we are reviewing episode four, 'Lake House'!
In this episode, Alice deals with her break up from Nat & Shane makes her feelings known to Tess. After returning home with Gigi last week, Dani reels from her father's arrest house by police & decides to get out of town & avoid answering any questions. Micah is worried about Dani & enlists Sophie's help in tracking Dani down. Sophie drives to Dani's family lake house in search of Dani. When Sophie finds Dani they fall back into familiar patterns & Sophie cancels a dinner with Finley in order to stay the night with Dani. Micah continues his work at the LGBTQ centre & takes on a new client, Angie Porter-Kennard. Meanwhile, Bette is also outside the city tracking someone down, the famous recluse, Pippa Pascal. After finding Pippa & taking her to dinner, Bette spends the nights at Gigi.
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See you next week for episode five of season two, 'Lobsters, Too'!