Drinks at Dana's - An L Word Podcast

Episode 2 - Lean On Me

August 15, 2021 Ash Silver, Chris & Jess (TLWO) Season 1 Episode 2
Drinks at Dana's - An L Word Podcast
Episode 2 - Lean On Me
Show Notes

Welcome to Drinks at Dana’s! This week we are reviewing episode two, 'Lean On Me'! The aftermath of Finley crashing Sophie & Dani's wedding is revealed, with Dani even taking a swing at Finley! A few days later Shane & Tess invite Bette & Alice to play poker at Dana's, both of them bring interesting guests! Alice meets her new book publisher, Tom (played by Donald Faison) & Nat reveals a secret that may shock the foundation of her relationship with Alice. Meanwhile Bette & Gigi take their relationship to a new level, causing lesbians around the world to rejoice!

Don't forget to visit our Instagram (@drinksatdanas) every week to get our weekly L Word themed cocktail recipe. This week we show you how to make a 'Finley's Tequila Wedding Surprise' - WARNING, it's one STRONG drink!

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See you next week for episode three of season two, ‘Luck Be A Lady’!